Our TeaMs

Meet the team.

Dave Haney

Head Pastor
Pastor Dave Haney serves as the Senior Pastor at Hoboken Free Church in Hoboken, NJ, where he has dedicated the past eight years to ministering to the community of Hoboken and the greater NYC Metro area. Prior to assuming the role of Senior Pastor, he spent a decade in Youth Ministry. Dave's passion for sharing the Gospel extends beyond his local congregation; he has been a featured speaker at various Camp retreats throughout the Northeast for the past decade. Dave also serves as a part-time Bible teacher at Eastern Christian School. Educationally, Dave holds an undergraduate degree in Biblical Studies and a Master of Science in Bible from Cairn University, where he also played basketball. Today, he continues to enjoy the game with fellow enthusiasts. It was during his time at Cairn University that Dave met his wife, Becky; they have been married for 21 years and are proud parents of two children. Furthering his theological education, Dave is currently enrolled in the Redeemer’s City Ministry Program, benefiting from the teachings of renowned pastor Tim Keller. Additionally, he is an active member of Forge America, a missional network dedicated to equipping individuals to serve as missionaries within their own communities. Dave's heart beats for Urban Ministry and witnessing the transformative power of the Gospel in people's lives and communities. In his leisure time, he enjoys quality moments with his family and church community, relishing the diverse culinary experiences of Hoboken, exploring the vibrant cityscape of NYC, and immersing himself in the tranquility of hiking trails.


Scott Yoder

Leaderboard Member/Treasurer
Scott serves as the treasurer at Hoboken Free Church, overseeing financial management with diligence and integrity. Feel free to reach out to Scott for any financial inquiries or assistance.

Peter Mathias

Elder/Missions Chair
Peter serves as an elder and missions coordinator. Providing spiritual guidance and support while also advancing the church's outreach efforts locally and globally. Reach out to Peter for opportunities to get involved in missions.

Mark Stabile

Mark serves as an elder at Hoboken Free Church, providing spiritual guidance and support to the congregation. Feel free to reach out to Mark for spiritual counsel or assistance.

Becky Haney

Kid's Ministry/Women's groups
Becky serves as the coordinator for both Kids' Ministry and Women's Groups at Hoboken Free Church, fostering growth and community among our youngest members and women alike. Feel free to reach out to Becky for information about our Kids' Ministry and Women's groups.

Maddy Winstead

Church Administrator
Maddy is the dedicated administrator at Hoboken Free Church, overseeing day-to-day operations, managing schedules, coordinating events, and fostering a welcoming environment for all members. Feel free to reach out to Maddy for any administrative inquiries or assistance.

Jen Gautier

Leader Board Member/Prayer Team Leader
Jen leads our dedicated Prayer Team at Hoboken Free Church, guiding us in our spiritual journey through the power of prayer. Feel free to reach out to Jen to join our Prayer Team or to share your prayer requests.

Chelsea & Emanuel

Cleaning Team
Chelsea and Emanuel lead our diligent Cleaning Team at Hoboken Free Church, ensuring that our facilities are kept clean and welcoming for all. Feel free to reach out to them to learn more about our cleaning efforts or to volunteer and support our team in keeping our church spaces pristine.

Caleb Mansor

Kid's Ministry
Caleb volunteers with and helps lead our Kids' Ministry at Hoboken Free Church, dedicating time and energy to support the spiritual growth of our youngest members. Feel free to connect with Caleb to learn more about volunteering opportunities in our Kids' Ministry or to share ideas for enriching our children's spiritual experiences.

Becca Nelson

Outreach Coordinator
Becca serves as the Outreach Coordinator at Hoboken Free Church, passionate about extending love and support to our local community and beyond. Feel free to reach out to Becca to get involved in outreach efforts or to share ideas for serving our community.

Miya & tony

A/V Team
Miya and Tony lead our talented A/V Team at Hoboken Free Church, ensuring that our worship services and events are enhanced with quality sound and visuals. Feel free to reach out to them to learn more about our A/V efforts or to volunteer and support our team in delivering impactful presentations.

Nikki & Josué

Hospitality Team
Nikki and Josué lead our warm and welcoming Hospitality Team at Hoboken Free Church, ensuring that everyone who walks through our doors feels valued and cared for. Reach out to them to learn more about our hospitality initiatives or to volunteer and support our team in creating a hospitable environment for all.

Steve & Emily

Set Up/Tear Down Team
Steve and Emily lead our efficient and dedicated Set Up/Tear Down Team at Hoboken Free Church, ensuring that our events and services run smoothly. Feel free to reach out to them to learn more about our set up/tear down efforts or to volunteer and support our team in facilitating seamless transitions for our church events.

Worship Team

Our worship team consists of multiple different people who also serve on other teams occasionally. Our worship team has a heart for demonstrating the why behind worshipping on a Sunday, enabling our congregation to feel comfortable expressing praise and worship through song, and welcoming new comers into a safe and spirit-led environment. They meet regularly before service to practice and assist our monthly worship and prayer nights.