Ways to Give

Online Giving

Thank you for your support of the Ministry


Give via Tithe.ly
No registration or account needed.
One-time or Repeating
VISA, MasterCard, Discover, AMX
or E-Check



Tips to help your donation go further….

Unfortunately, online donations come with a processing cost that the church must pay.
Two ways you can help the church save processing fees:

  • Give from your bank account rather than a credit card.  The processing fees the church pays will be less.  To use your bank account, look for this button at the bottom of the Tithe.ly giving form:
  • Help us cover the cost by sliding the toggle on the giving form to “Cover Card Processing Fees?”

Note:  As of February 11th we will begin accepting online donations along with physical giving methods. 

Contact our contribution team at (201) 795-9733 or  office@hobokenefc.org   if you need help.


Download the Tithe.ly App

Give through the app. One-time donations or repeat donations can be set up.
Text “give” to (888) 888-8888 to get a link to give via your phone.








Checks should be made out to “Hoboken Evangelical Free Church Inc.”
At weekend services, checks or cash can be put into the offering basket. Envelopes for cash are available in back of the pews.

Checks can be mailed or dropped off to:
Hoboken Evangelical Free Church 
833 Clinton St. 
Hoboken, NJ 07030


Q: Why is HEFC starting to offer online giving?

As people write fewer checks, carry little or no cash, and engage in more online transactions, we recognize that church giving was an area that did not allow for the convenience of online giving. Online giving allows you to give from your mobile phone or computer, during the church service or at any other time, without the need for checks or cash.


Q: Who/what is Tithely?

Tithely is an online giving vendor allowing you to give to Hoboken Evangelical Free Church (HEFC) through a website and/or a mobile giving app for smartphones.


Q: Is it safe to give online?

All financial information is encrypted and stored by Tithely’s payment processor, Stripe, to PCI DSS Level 1 compliant standards. PCI DSS Level 1 compliance is a set of rules developed by the credit card companies by which payment processors are audited against by an independent third party. It is the highest possible rating one can get in the electronic payment processing industry. Additionally, all transmission to the payment processor, Stripe, and on Tithely’s site is via an encrypted 256-bit HTTPS TLS 1.2 connection.


Q: Does online giving really honor God?

Some people may feel that if giving is not done in the middle of a worship service, it is not as significant as giving in the offering plate during the worship service. A primary principle in giving is to do so with a cheerful, positive, or grateful spirit: “Each one must give as he has decided in his heart, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver” (2 Cor. 9.7). The method that one chooses to give is an individual choice.


Q: What are all the ways to give to HEFC?

  • Place cash or check in the weekly offering during the service
  • Using your credit card, debit card, or ACH/bank transfer through the Tithely mobile application that you can download to your phone
  • Using your credit card, debit card, or ACH/bank transfer through the Tithely application, via a link on HEFC’s website, from your computer
  • Mailing a check or e-check (payable to Hoboken Evangelical Free Church) to:

Hoboken Evangelical Free Church

833 Clinton St.

Hoboken, NJ 07030


Q: What types of bank accounts can I give from?

  • Credit cards (MasterCard, Visa)
  • Debit or ATM cards
  • Bank account


Q: Is giving using credit cards biblical?

While credit cards are not addressed in the Bible, debt is; we strongly encourage you not to use a credit card if you cannot pay it off and go into debt / carry a balance. Please do not go into debt giving money to HEFC.


Q: Are there any costs involved with giving online?

Not to you. You will not pay any fees with an online donation, but you will be given an option to cover the fees charged to us in addition to your offering. Tithely charges the church 2.9% of credit card and debit card donations, and 1% of ACH/bank transfer donations. Please note that it only costs HEFC one-third of the price to process ACH/bank transfer donations through Tithely than it does to process credit or debit cards.  


Q: Can I make a one-time contribution?

Yes. The system allows you the option of either making a one-time contribution or setting up a recurring donation.


Q: Do I have to create an account to give?

No. You can donate, register, or pay without signing up for a Tithely account except for when using the Tithely mobile app where having an account is required. We wanted to make that process easy and pain-free. However, if you’d like to make giving as easy as possible and have the opportunity to take advantage of all the Tithely features, you’ll have to create an account.


The below features become available to you with an account:

  • Securely store your payment information (so you don’t have to type it out each time)
  • Setup or cancel recurring donations
  • See your giving history
  • Manage your account yourself 24/7


Q: Can I change my personal information or the amount or frequency of my donation once I have set it up?

Yes. You can change or cancel your donation at any time before the date of your next donation. Simply log in to the system using your user name and password and make the necessary changes in the system.


For recurring donations, you can schedule the donations on the date(s) specified by you. Your recurring giving options are:


  • Every week
  • Every 2 weeks
  • Every month
  • 1st and 15th of each month


Q: Can I review my giving history online?

Yes, if you have created an account. The site will allow you to view the complete history of your contributions (online or mobile) through Tithely.


Q: Will I still receive regular contribution statements from the church?

Yes. The church will continue to send year-end contribution statements to your address on file for tax purposes.


Q: Can I designate where my donation goes?

Yes. You can designate your donation to the General Fund, Building Fund, Outreach Fund, Benevolence Fund, or the SCF Fund. Please note that to give to multiple funds in the same transaction, you will need to set up an account.


Q: How will I know that I gave a donation correctly?

After submitting your donation, you will receive an email receipt verifying your donation.


Q: I’d like to make a refund. How long does it take to receive my refund?

Refunds will take 7-10 business days to be deposited into your bank account after a refund has been issued.


Q: Is my donation tax deductible?

Whether you give online or in person, your donation is tax deductible as permitted by current law, as Hoboken Evangelical Free Church is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, and all donations that we receive are tax-deductible (assuming that they are not received via a charitable foundation in which the individual donor has already received the tax deductibility benefit).


For any other questions, concerns or comments about online giving, please contact us at 201.795.9733 or  office@hobokenefc.org . You will receive a response from us soon.