MISSION – Vision – Core Values

Who we are

Mission Statement

HFC seeks to reach Hoboken and its surrounding communities to become fully devoted disciple-makers of Jesus who love and glorify God.



Growing Disciples.

Planting Churches.











“An Evangelical Free Church”


The term “Evangelical” comes from the Greek word for “good news” and refers to our faith, our theology. We are committed to the proclamation of the Gospel, the good news of Jesus Christ, and to the Scriptures as being the inspired, inerrant, authoritative and sufficient Word of God.



The term “Free” refers to our polity, our structure and organization. We are committed to a congregational form of government. Each congregation in the EFCA is independent (free) in its decisions and yet shares in the mutual commitment to Christ.


Core Values Our 3 S’s

Stirred by Scripture

We do this by Devoting Daily to the Lord. We spend time in God’s Word daily as well as on Sunday morning in our service.

Struggle well With Life Together

This is done through our Community groups. Where we seek to Counsel Biblically, Admonish Faithfully, Live Authentically, and Pursue Relationally. 

Serve Others

We seek to serve each other in the body of Christ, as well as our community of Hoboken and spreading out to Hudson County by Engaging Missionally with those God places in our lives.